The Drama Group of Monaco

We are a small amateur theatre company based in Monaco performing shows in English. Our members are drama enthusiasts of all ages and from very varied backgrounds and experience. We aim to entertain our audiences and have as much fun ourselves.

We welcome all new members with open arms. There are so many ways to help with theatre performances. Are you interested in seeing performances near you in English? Curious about performing and want to give it a try? An aspiring writer, actor, director, singer, musician or audio-visual technician? Want to help backstage with costumes, sound or lighting? Whatever your motivation, don’t hesitate. Get in touch and let’s meet!

What’s next?

The Drama Group is pleased to present “The Cat’s Mother”, the One-Act play written by young award-winning playwright Erica Murray in 2017. Performed by members of the Drama group and directed by Andrew Riley, this is a laugh-out-loud, dark Irish comedy asking how far are you willing to go for your own family?